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Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your MEPCO bill as shown in the below picture.

Check MEPCO Bill Online

Checking the MEPCO bill online has never been easier before. The rise of the digital world has made it quite convenient for people to perform numerous activities over the web. It is not only safe but also viral for its efficiency and effectiveness. Considering this, MEPCO has also leveraged the power of online tools to create its website for the mepco online bill check. Check your MEPCO bill and get an idea about the total expenses before the traditional piece of paper arrives. You can prepare yourself proactively to collect the bill payment and pay the bill amount. 

Although the MEPCO bill online check is a simple procedure, some people are facing difficulty in getting the details regarding their MEPCO bill. To help you overcome such challenges, we have enlisted some essential points in the under-section that will guide you in the right way. 

Steps to Check Mepco Bill Online 

To check your Mepco bill online 2024, open the website “” 

  • Select the “MEPCO“ 
  • You will see the Input form with two options Reference No or Customer ID
  • Select one of them. online payment 
  • If you select Reference No then enter the enter your 14-digit reference number that is printed on your electricity bill in the search bar. 
  • If you select Customer ID then enter the 10-digit reference number printed on the electricity bill in the search bar.
  • Press the “Check Your Bill” button and check your MEPCO online bill
  • Now your MEPCO bill will appear with the due date and exact amount details will appear within a few seconds on the screen.
  • You can also duplicate mepco bill with this as well.
  • You can print or get your bill copy by clicking the “Print” button.
  • Download duplicate copy to use in the future. online service

How Mepco Bill Generator Works?

We described earlier that you can check the MEPCO bill online or get an MEPCO duplicate bill with the help of our Bill Generator tool. While numerous users making online bill payments already not many of them are aware of how these bill generators work. It could be interesting for some users to learn about the working model of this tool. We have detailed the complete information along with the steps, providing you with immense knowledge regarding the functionality of this brilliant platform.

Consumer ID or Reference Number:

The consumer ID or reference number on the MEPCO bill online is the unique identification of every registered user in the data set of this organization. You must enter them precisely by checking them on your MEPCO bill. As a result, there will be minimal chance of error, and you will get accurate results.

Data Retrieval:

When you enter the consumer ID or bill reference number, it sends the details to the data set of MEPCO to retrieve the information regarding the bill. The developers at the backend follow the proposed commands and extract the information by matching the details. Then, they send the details to our servers. Consequently, Bill Generator provides you with the MEPCO bill online, where you can check different elements.

MEPCO Operational Areas

MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company has been providing its services across Southern Punjab for decades. MEPCO covers 13 major regional cities and handles all the issues effectively. MEPCO is managing a complex transmission and distribution network of over 82,132 km of lines, 786 grid stations, and 672 feeders. To be more specific, it is providing its services to the following regions.

The major cities of South Punjab using MEPCO services are given below:




Rahim Yar Khan

Dera Ghazi Khan











This extensive geographical distribution has made MEPCO one of the largest electricity suppliers in the country. It serves millions of people in both urban and rural areas of Southern Punjab. Thus, it plays a vital role in the economic development of these regions. Also, it adds a larger sum to the accounts of the country.

Online MEPCO Bill Details

The MEPCO bill is a critical document for the people living inside the area coming under this organization’s reach. This document provides you with the details regarding different essential factors of electricity consumption and charges associated with it. Therefore, you must understand the MEPCO bill first to determine whether you are paying for the exact amount of electricity you consumed. Some top information is detailed below.

Billing Information:

MEPCO bill features a simple interface with all the details elaborated on precisely. On the top, it showcases the customer reference number, which is a 14 digit reference number that acts as a unique identity of your account. Whenever you go to pay the bill or use our mepco online bill check service then you will need to enter your reference number. Also, it is necessary when you seek customer service and support.

Billing Period:

It indicates the time for which you are being charged for consuming electricity. Generally, it extends to a span of a month. Consequently, this section of the MEPCO bill helps you understand the time frame for which you are being billed.

Consumer Details:

MEPCO bill also features a complete details section about the consumer. It includes personal information, such as name and address. You must ensure that this information is accurate and matches the details provided to the company. So, you can only pay for the right amount of electricity you consume.

Meter Reading:

Another critical section on the MEPCO bill is the meter reading. It is the amount of electricity you have utilized during the whole month. You must check your meter reading on the bill as well as on the meter to determine if the exact details are added to the MEPCO bill. Otherwise, contact the customer support for correction.

Units Consumed:

The amounts of units you consume during the whole session are the main elements that specify the amount of the MEPCO bill. Generally, they are measured in kilowatt-hours for the designated billing period. Hence, you will be able to estimate and pay your total charges.

Tariff Category:

MEPCO bills also include a tariff category based on the type of consumer. This may be residential, commercial, or industrial. In addition, the amount of electricity consumed by a user plays a role in determining this category. Based on the total bill, MEPCO specifies this category.

Current Charges:

This section on the MEPCO bill provides a complete breakdown of your current charges. These include the following:

  • Fixed Charges: Generally, these are a kind of monthly fee that will remain constant no matter what is the amount of the total bill.
  • Variable Charges: These are the charges based on the number of units consumed. They may vary depending on the rate you are charged per unit.
  • Other Charges: On the MEPCO bill, these charges showcase the taxes, surcharges, and additional fees. They may also vary based on different conditions.

Previous Dues:

If you haven’t paid any MEPCO bill in the past, it will be added to this section, indicating it as Previous Dues. MEPCO has made it compulsory to clear any unpaid due to avoid late payment penalties and other negative consequences

Total Amount Due:

This section on the MEPCO bill represents the total of all the expenditures, including taxes, previous dues, and the current amount of electricity consumed. Hence, you can set up your budget to pay these dues as soon as possible.

Due Date:

The due date is the timeframe in which you have to pay the dues. The MEPCO bill has a clear section for this purpose to help you learn about the deadlines and pay the bill before it is too late Consequently, you will be able to avoid late fees and service disconnections.

Payment Options:

The MEPCO bill provides you with the opportunity to pay it through different methods. You can pay MEPCO bills online, through bank branches, or designated payment centers. You must choose the method that is most convenient for you.

Customer Service Information:

Lastly, the MEPCO bill contains the details regarding the customer service options Thus, if you have any issues, concerns, or queries, you can contact the designated numbers to deal with them.

MEPCO Peak Hours Information

Although a large number of taxes are there that can increase the total bill, you must learn about the peak hours. Otherwise, consuming a lot of electricity during such hours can take a tremendous toll on your money by increasing the MEPCO bill online. We have enlisted some peak hour timings. You must avoid consuming too much electricity during these hours.




6:30 pm-10:30pm


6:00 pm-10.00 pm

MEPCO Bill Correction Facility

MEPCO, or Multan Electric Power Company, is an electricity distribution company in Pakistan that serves several regions in the southern part of the Punjab province. If you need to correct a MEPCO bill according to your bill payment history, you can typically do so by contacting their customer service or visiting their offices. Here are some general steps you can take to correct a MEPCO bill:

  • Contact Customer Service: You can usually find the customer service contact information on your MEPCO bill or on their official website. Call their customer service hotline and explain the issue with your bill. They will guide you through the correction process.
  • Contact MEPCO main office: If you prefer in-person assistance, you can visit the nearest MEPCO office. They will have customer service representatives who can help you correct any billing errors. 
  • Online Account: Some electricity distribution companies offer online account management where you can log in and review your bills. If MEPCO offers this service, you may be able to correct billing errors online. 
  • Provide Necessary Information: When contacting MEPCO, be sure to have your account number and any relevant details about the billing error ready. This will help them locate your account and rectify the issue more efficiently
  • Document the Issue: It’s a good practice to document the issue, especially if it’s a recurring problem. Take note of the incorrect charges, the date of the bill, and any other pertinent information. This documentation can be useful if the issue persists. 
  • Request a Correction: Clearly state that you want the bill to be corrected. Whether it’s an overcharge, undercharge, or any other issue, let them know what needs to be adjusted
  • Follow-up: If the correction is not made promptly, follow up with MEPCO. Persistence may be necessary to ensure that the issue is resolved.

It’s important to keep in mind that specific procedures and contact details for correcting a MEPCO bill may change over time. Therefore, it’s recommended to visit the official MEPCO website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information and guidance on correcting your bill.

MEPCO Customer Care Details

MEPCO bill contains the details regarding the customer service options Thus, if you have any issues, concerns, or queries, you can contact the designated numbers to deal with them.

District Name

Helpline Number







Dera Ghazi Khan


Bhawal Nagar




Rahimyar Khan




Top of all that, you can write an email directly to Mepco, discuss your problems or complaints, and get instant results.

  • Email Id: