MEPCO new connection- Apply For New Mepco Connection Online

Just when you have got your new home constructed (more likely) in a new area or existing one in Multan then you will need to apply for a MEPCO new connection. With the new connection application, you will be ready to get a new MEPCO connection for your home or business. If you want to have new domestic, industrial, or commercial electricity connections in Multan then the MEPCO has made the procedure quite simpler than ever. You can easily opt for enc mepco by visiting the nearest mepco office. However, you can apply for a new connection online as well.

Applying For MEPCO New Connection

If you want to submit the online application form for Mepco’s new connection then it is available at ENC MEPCO Form.  Also, if you are looking for the best guidelines regarding the connection, registration, submission, and mepco new connection tracking then everything is listed below so you can work through the process easily. You will need to fill and submit all the cells and provide the required documents.

You can use your smartphone camera or scan all the documents that are listed below:

  • Copy Of The Documents of Premise (residential or commercial)
  • If you don’t own the property then you should have a rental agreement
  • Applicant’s CNIC copy (attested)
  • Applicants undertaking form
  • Witness CNIC Copy (Attested)
  • Copy of electricity bill of neighbor


When you are applying for enc MEPCO online, you will need to provide the following required details:

  • Start by selecting the connection type you are applying for.
  • Next, choose the company (which is MEPCO in this case)
  • Make sure you have all the required documents scanned on your phone, PC, or laptop.
  • Collect every required document.
  • Now you can either submit the form online or you can print the form and stretch the documents. Submit them to the nearest MEPCO office.
  • Once your application is submitted, you can enable MEPCO’s new connection tracking for your application.
  • Use the receipt number or the applicant’s ID to track your ENC MEPCO application status.


If there is something that is hard to understand or isn’t working for you then you should visit the nearest MEPCO office for a better idea

Demand Notice Of MEPCO New Connection

Once you have submitted all of your documents you will get a demand notice. The demand notice usually contains the total cost information of the security amount and payment made by the applicant. You will need to pay these expenses through the authorized banks of MEPCO. Once the payment is completed a receipt will be issued as proof.


After the completion of the procedure, the MEPCO will assign the connection number priority to the applicants. There will be some inspection according to the standards of MEPCO before the installation of a new connection.

MEPCO New Connection Tracking of Application?

If you want to track your MEPCO new connection application status then you will need to follow these steps


  • Go to the office MEPCO website and open the application tracking page.
  • Click on the new connection option.
  • Select your company (MEPCO) and enter your tracking ID that was provided by MEPCO when you submitted your application or by CNIC.
  • This is where you take a look at your MEPCO mete application status online.
  • However, you can directly call the MEPCO service center as well to confirm your application status.

Estimated Time for ENC MEPCO:

Just when you have applied for a MEPCO new connection, you will wonder how long will it take to get a new connection. The duration of getting the new connection is varying. It is divided into 3 main categories. Here is what you need to know:

Category – 1 (Up to 15 kW)

Applicants with the required documents will fill out the application and submit it to the MEPCO office near it. There he will get a receipt with the preference number of the applicant. MEPCO has set up a seniority register for this purpose where applicants will have access to it and it will contain the application priority number.





The officer regulating this will visit the location or premise where a new MEPCO connection is required. This is to make sure that the applicant is a valid person and connection is legal. The application will be informed if it is impossible to be visited.



If the application has been accepted and the new connection is possible then the officer will provide the estimated cost of the MEPCO new connection.



When the cost estimation is completed the applicant will receive the demand notice. It will be sent by post or the applicant can hand-picked by itself.



The applicant will deposit the demand notice to the affiliated banks and the receipt copy will be submitted to the MEPCO office



The wiring test report will be submitted by the applicant and the related MEPCO office will verify it.



As the dues are submitted, the office will prepare the priority list accordingly.



You will be notified about the new connection order issued by the MEPCO service office.



The designated office will contact the related store about the new connection for the material from the meter, installation kit, and wires.



The store will bring the workers the required material



Once the store provides the new connection items, the office the SDO office or assistant manager of the operation will begin working on the new meter installation.



Sp the total days expected for the new MEPCO connection is 30 days.


Total estimated days


Category – 2 (16 to 70 kW / 400 volts)

The Category 2 connection has a similar process as the cat-1 but it can take upto 44 days to get a connection under this category.

Category – 3 (71 to 500 kW / 400 volts)

The procedure of cat-3 is also similar to the above two. However, this category connection will be available within 73 days.

Final Words

The enc MEPCO can be a daunting task be it online or via the MEPCO office. However, with our guidelines, we assure you that you will not have to worry about anything. From collecting the right documents to submitting and tracking MEPCO new connection application status, we have enlisted every crucial step. If you have any complaints, you may register your complaint by using MEPCO’s complaint number.